Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Tried to add a picture last post! didnt work though

Another week.
Another car!
Yep, I blew it up and am still waiting for the picasso to be fixed.
So stuck at home this week will have to work at home. I made a card from the pencil lines sketch this week, but it looks so much bettter IRL. I always thought people said that and it wasnt really true but have now found out that scanning and photographing work makes it look crapper.(if thats a word).
So last day off then I am working for the next 2.5 days thois week, without a car -should be fun I will have to take the bus.not much else has happenned.
babies went to toddler group they loved it and playing with the other kids, painting etc. have to go again next week.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Well I posted a couple of weeks ago, but its not on here? Oh well. WE have had a great few weeks.
WE went to see Damien rice at Plymouth pavillions a couple of weeks ago, he was fab. Ganny Wanny babysat for the tribe. At least they didnt all stay up untill 11 like last time.
Halloween was ok. Issy went to a party at the weekend and got another one this weekend. Fireworks one. should be fun.
Payday today, so its a good day!