Monday, 25 February 2008


Oh No not another one!
Afraid so this only took me a week!
The challenge on UKS Grease sound track song! OMG! How hard?

Sunday, 24 February 2008



Hi Again.
To tell, I have finally joined ukscrappers well I say joined but really activly taken part in. You see I Joined in 2005! appeartently according to my first user name, I joined againm aftyer noty remembering my details ohh well. I think I am taking part in a swap for embellishments, I say think as I have not had it confirmed yet. Out Team arwe doing a easter swap, chocs and a card, should be fun. (I will do anything for choc) well nearly anything.
So our half term spend it in the house bad weather mainly but went swimming and to the zoo as well as popping into town ect. Not too muchg news am afraid I leave a boring life, well what I am willing to write on my blog appears I lead a boring life!!!

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Thought I had better update although nothing realy to tell. Half term this week and I am off work (sort of- a couple of reports to do at home) . Not too bad.

Issy wants to go to the zoo and I have sort of promised tht(Its about 70 miles away -Paighnton Zoo!
Valentines day pretty boring. I made A a card but couldnt find it under my piles of paper! So went out and bought him one from tghe local shop, "To my Valentine, This card guarentees you a hot and steamy night"" Inside:
A Tea bag with Enjoy!
Ha ha.